Friday, 28 January 2011


Well Friday has come around very quickly!  I don't know where the days go really. 

My aim in 2011 is to make a huge effort to spread the word about me and my creations.  I made absolutely zero effort last year, I think that after a few disastrous 'craft fairs'  my confidence levels dropped.  In the past I tended to make items for children ie pencil cases

but they didn't seem to be very popular.  I ended up giving them to friends children for birthday presents. I also made children's aprons again didn't sell well.  Anyway to cut a long story short I am going to try to avoid children's item for the moment.
I have heard that blogging is a good way to spread the word about yourself etc but how much of that is true I don't know.  Off to 'clean' the bowl after making some fairycakes!  Toodle oo!


  1. Oh you lucky thing getting to 'clean' the bowl!

    I don't understand why the pencil cases and aprons didn't do well, but you might want to consider offering a 'personalised' pencil case service in the future maybe.

    Don't forget to put your website link somewhere visible on your blog!


  2. I think those cases are quite cute. Why not try doing a whole range of children's things rather than giving up on the idea. You know like girly aprons and you could put a cookie cutter with it. Or sports bags for kids into footie. I don't think you should steer away as most handmade goods I've seen in this area are all home or jewellery based. Have a think and go out and kick some ass!! :)

  3. Your cases are fun, have you thought of trying nursery schools, having a stall when Mum's collect the kids', they are sure to attract little ones.

  4. dont be disheartened, i started my business 10 yrs ago by attending a few craft shows- these were hopeless, people seem to want to have a look around,something to kill time on a sunday - but they didnt actually bring money just a pound or two for the kids to spend. The internet is a fab place to see whats selling - take a look at folksy,etsy NOTHS and get a feel for what the trends are and people want , personalised is def the way to go, hope this helps x