Friday, 11 February 2011

Latest brooches

Have been creative today and made a couple of brooches.
This is as you can see a double flower version.  I took apart an apron I had made to get the fabric, the small design works quite well.  Putting fabrics together is always my problem.

Took Laura Ashley pillow case apart this morning, thought the fabric would be perfect for a brooch and I think I was right!  I have just found another pillow case that is crying out to be a brooch.  So that might happen after I've collected my children from school.  Watch this space!  Off to have a sit down, with a cup of tea, two or three or ten biscuits and watch May the Best house win until 2:50.  Toodle ooo


  1. These are really nice! I have made something similar in the past and was all fingers and thumbs and ended up with needle pricks all over my fingers...well done!


  2. I love the green one! I've also awarded you a Stylish Blogger Award at :)

  3. Look brill, well done.
    I love fabric flowers, i use them for everything!