Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Missed Handmade monday again!

Damn and blast! I missed Handmade Monday  at again ! So sorry guys!  I have adapted my flower brooches this week and made some little dainty ones for hair clips. 

They were a bit fiddley, and after stabbing myself with the needle a couple of times I managed, I should really wear my thimble should I?

I had a sale on Folksy over the weekend but the buyer couldn't pay for the item because I hadn't Verified my paypal account.  I contact the buyer to explain - I haven't had a reply.  So now the paypal is sorted, I contacted them again to mention that if they were still interested they could go ahead with the purchase.  I extremely vexed with myself for not sorting the paypal out as I may have lost a sale because of it!  ARGH!


  1. Just found you over at the Craft Forum and commented on your clips....they're beautiful!

    Sharon x

  2. Oh what a shame about your sale :( Lovely clips

  3. So sorry to hear about the sale. On the bright side though, those hair clips are beautiful. And why would you want to use a thimble? No pain, no gain :) (only kidding!)

  4. They are lovely :)
    am i seeing things.. is there a cat in the shoot? :) x

  5. Just seen your post on the Craft Forum - am loving your clips. Hope that the sale came through!